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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Laboratory Analysis and Prediction of Settlement of Municipal Solid Waste Under Anaerobic ConditionThakur, Disha; Gupta, Ashok Kumar; Ganguly, Rajiv
2019Life-cycle assessment of municipal solid-waste management strategies in Tricity region of IndiaRana, Rishi; Ganguly, Rajiv; Gupta, Ashok Kumar
2021Magnetite coated sand adsorbent for Cr(VI) removal from synthetic and pharmaceutical wastewater: adsorption isotherms and kineticsLakhanpal, Sahil; Dhulia, Anirban; Ganguly, Rajiv
2019Matrix Method for Evaluation of Existing Solid Waste Management Processes in Jalandhar City, Punjab, IndiaSharma, Anchal; Ganguly, Rajiv; Gupta, Ashok Kumar
2018Matrix method for evaluation of existing solid waste management system in Himachal Pradesh, IndiaSharma, Anchal; Ganguly, Rajiv; Gupta, Ashok Kumar
2016Performance and Durability Evaluation of Bamboo Reinforced Cement Concrete BeamsMehra, Ankit Singh; Ganguly, Rajiv; Gupta, Ashok Kumar; Singh, Lav; Shukla, Abhilash
2021Risk Assessment of Biomedical wastes generated in hospitals of Chandigarh and Shimla, IndiaGanguly, Rajiv; Vasistha, Prachi; Gupta, Ashok Kumar
2014Solid Waste Management in Chandigarh – A Case StudyRana, Rishi; Ganguly, Rajiv; Gupta, Ashok Kumar
2021Spectral characterization of sediment of two lake water bodies and its surrounding soil in Haryana, IndiaVasistha, Prachi; Ganguly, Rajiv
2020Water quality indices: challenges and applications—an overviewRana, Rishi; Ganguly, Rajiv