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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006A Delay-line Cancellation Method for Clutter Attenuation and Elimination of Blind SpeedAlfred, Q. M.; Chakravarty, T.; Singh, G.; Sanyal, Salil K.
2015Design of Azimuthally Periodic Wedge-Shaped Circular Ring Bandpass Frequency Selective Surface Using Transmission-Line MethodBharti, Garima; Jha, Kumud Ranjan; Singh, G.; Jyoti, Rajeev
2010Designing Parameters for RF CMOS CellsSrivastava, Viranjay M.; Yadav, K. S.; Singh, G.
2012Drain current and noise model of cylindrical surrounding double-gate MOSFET for RF switchSrivastava, Viranjay M.; Yadav, K.S; Singh, G.
2010Dual-band rectangular microstrip patch antenna at terahertz frequency for surveillance systemJha, Kumud Ranjan; Singh, G.
2013Energy-Sustainable Framework and Performance Analysis of Power Scheme for Operating Systems: A ToolGupta, P. K.; Singh, G.
2013Explicit Model of Cylindrical Surrounding Double-Gate MOSFETSrivastava, Viranjay M.; Yadav, K. S.; Singh, G.
2007Feasibility Study of Axially- Extracted Virtual Cathode OscillatorSingh, G.; Kartikeyan, M. V.
2011A Framework of Creating Intelligent Power Profiles in Operating Systems to Minimize Power Consumption and Greenhouse Effect Caused by Computer SystemsGupta, P.K.; Singh, G.
2012Gap-Coupling: A Potential Method for Enhancing the Bandwidth of Microstrip AntennasKumar, P.; Singh, G.
2012Gap-Coupling: A Potential Method for Enhancing the Bandwidth of Microstrip AntennasKumar, P.; Singh, G.
2010Measurement of Oxide Thickness for MOS Devices, Using Simulation of SUPREM SimulatorSrivastava, Viranjay M.; Singh, G.; Yadav, K.S.
2011Measurement Process of MOSFET Device Parameters with VEE Pro Software for DP4T RF SwitchSrivastava, Viranjay M.; Yadav, K. S.; Singh, G.
2014Moment Generating Function Based Performance Analysis of Maximal-Ratio Combining Diversity Receivers in the Generalized-K Fading ChannelsDwivedi, Vivek K.; Singh, G.
2012A Novel Approach for Spectrum Access Using Fuzzy Logic in Cognitive RadioSharma, Ila; Singh, G.
2009A Novel Bit Error Rate Analysis and Improved ICI Reduction Method in OFDM Communication SystemsDwivedi, Vivek K.; Singh, G.
2014A Novel Human Computer Interaction Aware Algorithm to Minimize Energy ConsumptionGupta, P. K.; Singh, G.
2007A Novel Implementation Technique of Conical Scan Radar Using A Programmable Phased ArrayAlfred, Q. Md.; Chakravarty, T.; Singh, G.; Sanyal, S. K.
2012A Novel Mgf Based Analysis of Channel Capacity of Generalized-k Fading With Maximal-ratio Combining DiversityDwivedi, V. K.; Singh, G.
2011A novel moment generating function based performance analysis over correlated Nakagami-m fading channelsDwivedi, Vivek K.; Singh, G.