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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A Novel Approach for Spectrum Access Using Fuzzy Logic in Cognitive RadioSharma, Ila; Singh, G.
2009A Novel Bit Error Rate Analysis and Improved ICI Reduction Method in OFDM Communication SystemsDwivedi, Vivek K.; Singh, G.
2014A Novel Human Computer Interaction Aware Algorithm to Minimize Energy ConsumptionGupta, P. K.; Singh, G.
2007A Novel Implementation Technique of Conical Scan Radar Using A Programmable Phased ArrayAlfred, Q. Md.; Chakravarty, T.; Singh, G.; Sanyal, S. K.
2012A Novel Mgf Based Analysis of Channel Capacity of Generalized-k Fading With Maximal-ratio Combining DiversityDwivedi, V. K.; Singh, G.
2011A novel moment generating function based performance analysis over correlated Nakagami-m fading channelsDwivedi, Vivek K.; Singh, G.
2007A Novel Wideband Subarray Technique for Shaped Pattern Generation and Adaptively Interference RejectionAlfred, Q. Md.; Chakravarty, T.; Singh, G.; Sanyal, S. K.
2009Numerical Computation of Resonant Frequency of Shorting Post Loaded Gap-Coupled Circular Microstrip Patch AntennasKumar, Pradeep; Singh, G.; Chakravarty, T.
2012Optimization of drain current and voltage characteristics for DP4T double-gate RF CMOS switch at 45-nm technologySrivastava, Viranjay M.; Yadav, K.S; Singh, G.
2015An overview of spectrum sharing techniques in cognitive radio communication systemPandit, Shweta; Singh, G.
2017Performance analysis of cooperative spectrum monitoring in cognitive radio networkThakur, Prabhat; Kumar, Alok; Pandit, Shweta; Singh, G.; Satashia, S. N.
2017Performance analysis of high-traffic cognitive radio communication system using hybrid spectrum access, prediction and monitoring techniquesThakur, Prabhat; Kumar, Alok; Pandit, S.; Singh, G.; Satashia, S. N.
2013Performance Analysis of Rayleigh and Rician Fading Channel Models using Matlab SimulationKumar, Sanjiv; Gupta, P. K.; Singh, G.; Chauhan, D. S.
2013Performance Evaluation of Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol in IPv6 NetworkSingh, Kuwar Pratap; Gupta, P. K.; Singh, G.
2009A Programmable Phased Array with Time-Delay Units and its ApplicationsAlfred, Q. Md.; Chopra, N.; Chakravarty, T.; Singh, G.; Sanyal, S. K.
2005Proton-induced changes on the optical parameters of a-(Ge20Se80)0.96Ag0.04 thin filmsTripathi, S. K.; Thakur, Anup; Singh, G.; Sharma, J.; Sharma, Vineet; Singh, K. P.; Saini, G. S. S.; Goyal, N.
2009Rectangular Microstirp Patch Antenna Design at THz Frequency for Short Distance Wireless Communication SystemsSharma, Aditi; Singh, G.
2011Repeated correlative coding scheme for mitigation of inter-carrier interference in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systemDwivedi, V.K.; Singh, G.
2012A Simple Synthesis Technique of Single- Square-loop Frequency Selective SurfaceJha, K. R.; Singh, G.; Jyoti, R.
2016Smart Vehicle Navigation System Using Hidden Markov Model and RFID TechnologyMalekian, Reza; Kavishe, A. F.; Maharaj, B. T.; Gupta, P. K.; Singh, G.; Waschefort, H.