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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analysis of Highway Alignment Using Openroads SoftwareSharma, Shubham; Amardeep [Guided by]
2020Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Incorporating Bauxite Mud and Aluminium DrossSingh, Harjot; Amardeep [Guided by]; Shukla, Abhilash [Guided by]
2020Construction of Eco-Friendly Bricks using Plastic WasteDorji, Cheku; Wangchuk, Leki; Amardeep [Guided by]
2021Design and Analysis of Curves in Two-lane Highway Using MX Road SoftwareSharma, Manika; Amardeep [Guided by]
2021Designing a Flexible Pavement of Delhi Mumbai Greenfield (Phase-1 Vadodara Bharuch Highway)Aditya Nath; Amardeep [Guided by]
2019Effect of Domestic Waste Water on Physical Properties of Concrete MixVerma, Vikas; Sharma, Saksham; Amardeep [Guided by]
2023Effects of Waste Material on Mechanical Properties of Concrete MixChahar, Sumit; Dhillon, Hardik; Janawa, Akhil; Amardeep [Guided by]
2021Landslide Mitigation Using Soil NailingTenzin; Subba, Bikash; Peldon, Kinzang; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]; Amardeep [Guided by]
2021Rigid Pavement Design and Analysis by Open Road SoftwareChaudhary, Suraj; Abrol, Aditya; Amardeep [Guided by]
2020Study of Synthetic Wastewater using Sequencing Batch Reactor in Anoxic-Aerobic PhaseSoni, Amber; Awasthi, Ambuj; Kumar, Prasanna; Amardeep [Guided by]
2019Utilization of Waste Material in Concrete for the Construction of Rigid PavementDharma, Ankit; Amardeep [Guided by]
2019Utilization of Waste Material in the Construction of ParapetSharma, Gaurav; Thakur, Gaurav; Amardeep [Guided by]
2019Utilization of Waste Materials as a Partial Replacement of BitumenSharma, Akhil; Sharma, Tarun; Amardeep [Guided by]