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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Crystallization kinetics of Ag-doped Se–Bi–Te chalcogenide glassesKumar, Anup; Barman, P. B.; Sharma, Raman
2012Crystallization Kinetics of Strontium Hexaferrite: Correlation to Structural, Morphological, Dielectric and Magnetic PropertiesThakur, Ankush; Singh, R. R.; Barman, P. B.
2014Development of CdS, ZnS Quantum Dots and their Core/Shell Structures by wet chemical methodKumar, Hitanshu; Barman, P. B.; Singh, Ragini Raj
2012Effect of Bi Addition on the Optical Band Gap of Se85te15 Chalcogenide Thin FilmsAmbika; Barman, P. B.
2009Effect of Bi Incorporation on the Glass Transition Kinetics of Se85te15 Glassy AlloySharma, Ambika; Barman, P. B.
2006Influence of Composition on the Optical Band Gap In a-ge20se80-xinx Thin FilmsIshu; Tripathia, S. K.; Barman, P. B.
2009Magnesium Oxide Films as Temperature SensorSharma, Ishu; Barman, P. B.; Sharma, Ambika
2010Non-linear refractive index of a-Ge-Se-In-Bi glassy thin filmsSharma, Ishu; Barman, P. B.
2012Optical Properties of Bi Doped Se-te Thin FilmsKumar, Anup; Heera, Pawan; Barman, P. B.; Sharma, Raman
2013Optical Studies of Se Bi Te Sb Thin Films by Single Transmission Spectrum1Barman, P. B.; Sharma, Pankaj
2014Stable and luminescent wurtzite CdS, ZnS and CdS/ZnS core/shell quantum dotsKumar, Hitanshu; Kumar, Manoj; Barman, P. B.; Singh, Ragini Raj
2010Study of the physical properties with compositional dependence of bi content in Te-Se-Bi glassy systemKumar, Anup; Barman, P. B.; Sharma, Raman
2017Synthesis, structural and optical properties of Ag doped ZnO nanoparticles with enhanced photocatalytic properties by photo degradation of organic dyesSingh, Rajender; Barman, P. B.; Sharma, Dheeraj
2012Thermal stability and crystallization kinetics of Se–Te–Sn alloys using differential scanning calorimetryKumar, Rajneesh; Sharma, Pankaj; Barman, P. B.; Sharma, Vineet; Katyal, S. C.; Rangra, V. S.
2015XRD analysis of undoped and Fe doped TiO2 nanoparticles by Williamson Hall MethodBharti, Bandna; Barman, P. B.; Rajesh Kumar