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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Development Characterization and Processing of Magneto Fluorescent Nanostructures for Multimodal ApplicationsRawat, Dipti; Singh, Ragini Raj [Guided by]; Barman, P.B. [Guided by]
2015Development of II-VI and IV-VI Group Quantum Dots and their Core/Shell StructuresKumar, Hitanshu; Singh, Ragini Raj [Guided by]; Barman, P.B. [Guided by]
2009Effecf of Bi Incorporation on the Optical, Electrical and Thermal Properties of a-Se-Te and a-Ge-Te Glassy AlloysAmbika; Barman, P.B. [Guided by]
2022Effect of Annealing Temprature on Structural, Magnetic and Elastic Properties of Magnesium Nickel Ferrite NanoparticlesShiv Kumar; Barman, P.B. [Guided by]; Singh, Ragini Raj [Guided by]
2021Effect of Magnetic Field on the Growth of CoFe2O4 and NiFe2O4 FilmsKumari, Kanchan; Kumar, Rajesh [Guided by]; Barman, P.B. [Guided by]
2016Hydrogen Response of Palladium Nanoparticles and Surface Modified FilmsGupta, Dikshita; Barman, P.B. [Guided by]; Hazra, S.K. [Guided by]
2022Investigation of Amorphous GeTeSeGa Chalcogenides For Physical Structural Optical and Thermal PropertiesEkta; Barman, P.B. [Guided by]; Sharma, Pankaj [Guided by]
2008Optical and Electrical Study of a-Ge-Se-In-Bi Glassy AlloysIshu; Barman, P.B. [Guided by]; Tripathi, S.K. [Guided by]
2023Studies on Catalyst Decorated Reduced Graphene Oxide for Selective Gas SensingAnuradha; Hazra, S.K. [Guided by]; Barman, P.B. [Guided by]
2022Studies on Influence of Nanoparticle Capping Agent on the Response of Palladium based Resistive Hydrogen SensorsPooja; Barman, P.B. [Guided by]; Hazra, S.K. [Guided by]
2018Study of Structural, Morphological, Optical and Surface Properties of Silver Doped ZnO and Poly(Styrene co Acrylonitrile) ZnO NanocompositeSingh, Rajender; Sharma, Dheeraj [Guided by]; Barman, P.B. [Guided by]
2014Synthesis and Characterization of SrFe12O19: effects of rare earth elements on structural, morphological and magnetic propertiesAnkush; Barman, P.B. [Guided by]; Singh, Ragini Raj [Guided by]
2017Synthesis Structural and Magnetic Studies of Cobalt Doped Nickel-Zinc Ferrite NanoparticlesKumar, Rajinder; Barman, P.B. [Guided by]; Singh, Ragini Raj [Guided by]