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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Autophagy Genes (ATG16L1 and IRGM) Variants and Hepatitis B Virus Infection SusceptibilitySharma, Ambika; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]
2018Autophagy Related Gene ATG5 Genetic Variants and Hepatitis B Virus Infection SusceptibilityVij, Avni; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]
2020CYP1A1 Variant rs2198843 and Cancer Susceptibility in Himachal Pradesh PopulationRakshita; Veena; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]
2019CYP1A1 variant rs4646093 and Cancer susceptibility in Himachal PopulationVardhan, Kirti; Saini, Vishakha; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]
2018Damaging Non Synonymous SNPs in ULK1 Gene and Susceptibility to Hepatitis B InfectionRandhawa, Rohit; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]
2016Detection of Rotavirus in Dirrheal PatientsAnurag, Sumant; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]
2019FDFT1 Variant rs2645429 and Cancer Susceptibility in Himachal PopulationSingh, Siddhant; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]
2019Identification of Deleterious nsSNPs in Cell Cycle Regulatory Gene E2F1 and their Role in Susceptibility to Common Cancers in Himachal Pradesh PopulationSingh, Sanjay; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]
2015Liver X Receptor Polymorphism in Genetic Susceptibility to VitiligoAgarwal, Silky; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]
2015Matrix Metalloproteinase 8 Gene Promoter Polymorphism in AsthmaMehta, Sonalee; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]
2017Molecular Characterization of Group A Rotaviruses Prevalent in Himachal PradeshJain, Swapnil; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]
2016Prediction of nsSNPs of LXR - Alpha Gene and Validation of Their Role in Vitiligo SuseptibilityKaur, Gurjinder; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]
2015Role of Genetic Variant of Autophagy Related Gene 5 ATG5 rs17587319 CG in Asthma in North Indian PopulationJha, Durga; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]
2015Role of Genetic Variants in Autophagy Related Gene 7 Atg 7Dogra, Tapish; Mukherjee, Sudip; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]
2018Role of SNP rs510432 of autophagy related gene ATG5 in AsthmaChauhan, Ashish; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]
2018Role of TYR Gene Variants (Rs6482999 and Rs7123654) in Genetic Susceptibility to Vitiligo in Himachal Pradesh PopulationSharma, Sachin; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]
2017Role of Tyrosinase (TYR) gene variants (rs28940876 and rs61754379) in genetic susceptibility to VitiligoSharma, Pallavi Raj; Tulika; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]
2017Tyrosinase gene polymorphism in genetic susceptibility towards VitiligoSharma, Ankit; Sharma, Sachin; Changotra, Harish [Guided by]