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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analysis and Design of Elevated R.C.C. Water TankSingh, Vaibhav; Seth, Manik; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]
2019Assessment of Groundwater Pollution Potential of Municipal Solid Waste Dumps in Himachal PradeshSharma, Rizul; Thakur, Dipanshu; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]
2020Augmentation of Water Distribution Scheme for Sundernagar Municipal CouncilThakur, Abhinandan; Sharma, Mayank; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]
2020Characterisation of Water Treatment Sludge and its Reuse as Coagulant in Waste WaterBansal, Harshit; Aryan; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]
2021Efficiency Analysis of Himachal Pradesh Wastewater Treatment PlantsSharma, Kanishka; Sood, Anjan; Rana, Ayush; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]
2018Factors Affecting Compressive Strength of Geopolymer ConcreteSood, Tarun Sarthak; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]; Gali, Veeresh [Guided by]
2017Mechanical Properties Of Concrete By Using Crumb Rubber As A Partial Replacement Of AggregatesMechanical Properties Of Concrete By Using Crumb Rubber As A Partial Replacement Of AggregatesShandil, Anshul; Kashyap, Anshul; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]
2021Modeling and Performance Analysis of Electrocoagulation ReactorSharma, Mohit; Chauhan, Rishabh; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]
2019Performance Evaluation of Electrocoagulation Reactor for the Treatment of Distillery WastewaterChander, Harish; Gupta, Prikshit; Garg, Vedansh; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]
2019Performance Evaluation of Sequence Batch Reactor using Domestic and Synthetic WastewaterChandel, Nitesh; Singh, Amit; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]
2018Rating of Hazardous Waste Dumps in Himachal Pradesh and PunjabParmar, Shivani; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]
2017Smart Solution to Design Shimla as Smart CityPrashar, Rahul; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]; Kar, Santu [Guided by]
2017Soil Stabilization Using Plastic Waste Pet BottlesNetra, Surendra; Sharma, Raman; Gupta, Aakash [Guidd by]; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]
2019System Optimization of Sequencing Batch Reactor using Municipal and Synthetic WastewaterKumar, Vishv; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]
2019Treatability studies of MSW landfill leachate using Anaerobic Batch ReactorSharma, Divya; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]
2017Treatment of Brewery Wastewater by ElectrocoagulationKumar, Sahil; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]
2017Use of Plastic Waste in Construction of Bituminous RoadGupta, Manan; Sharma, Mudit; Gupta, Aakash [Guided by]; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]