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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Antimicrobial Activity of Cell Free Supernatant of Indigeneous Lactic Acid Bacteria AgainstChauhan, Surabhi; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2016Antioxidant Activity and Bioacessibility of Polyphenols from Sea Buckthorn under in Vitro Simulated Gastro Intestinal DigestionChauhan, Surabhi; Sharma, Abhay; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2018Application of Cotylidia pannosa in dye decolourization of textile effluentsWangdi, Kencho; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2019Bioaccessibility of Polyphenols from Seabuckthorn Berries Juice using Simulated Gut ModelSampan; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2016Bioactive Peptides from Fermented SoymilkBhatnagar, Megha; Sharma, Neha; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2019Characterization of Probiotic Cultures from Traditional Foods of Himachal Pradesh and their Efficacy against Colonization by Cronobacter Sakazakii in Caenorhabditis Elegans Model SystemSharma, Kavita; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2017Characterization Of Quorum Sensing Mediated Biofilm Formation and its Inhibition In Cronobacter Sakazakii StrainsSingh, Niharika; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2017Elucidation of Genes Responsible for Quorum Sensing in Cronobacter SakazakiiSharma, Abhay; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2018Evaluation of Indigenous Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria to Overcome Gluten Induced Celiac DiseaseSharma, Kritika;Bhawanani, Sarita; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2018Evaluation of prebiotic activities of resistant starch from potatoesChakravarty, Ankita ;Tandon, Moksh; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2018Formulation of Synbiotic Fermented Soymilk ProductChoudhary, Shagun ;Singh, Manisha; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2017Functional Attributes of Soymilk Protein HydrolysateBhatnagar, Megha; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2014Isolation and Application of Folate Producing Indigenous Lactic Cultures in Milk Based FoodsBajpai, Akansha; Suryavanshi, Rituraj; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2014Juice ClarificationKango, Komal; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2018Milk Based Extrusion Method For Microencapsulation of ProbioticsSingh, Manisha; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2015Oenological Characterization of Traditional Starter Culture Used in the Production of Alcoholic BeveragesBhargove, Shivani; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2017Optimization of Lignocellulolytic Enzyme Cocktail Production from Cotylidia pannosa and its application in Bioethanol Production and Dye DecolorizationSharma, Deepika; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2016Optimization of Tannase Production from Aspergillus SPWalia, Akanksha; Sama, Yashika; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2016Patent Searching, Retrieval and AnalysisMisra, Stuti; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2014Physical and Biological Treatments to Inactivate Food Spoiling Bacillus SubtilisThakur, Ankita; Vashisht, Enesh; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]