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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Analysis and Design of a Composite Structure Against RCC Steel StructureSingh, Abhijeet; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]; Singh, Lav [Guided by]
2016Analysis and Design of a Multi Storey G+3 Residential BuildingSingh, Randeep; Sharma, Shubham; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]
2014Analysis and Design of Folded PlatesChauhan, Aravind; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]
2017Analysis and Design of Steel I-girder Bridge Using CSI-bridge SoftwareDhanotia, Akshi; Singh, Gyani Jail [Guided by]; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]
2019Analysis of Confined Circular ColumnChauhan, Harsh; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]
2018Applicability of Public Private Partnership Model on Larji Dam ConstructionPrashar, Rhishabh; Rawat, Saurabh [Guided by]; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]
2017Application of Green Construction Technology in Construction ProjectsSirkeck, Sumit; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]
2018Assessment of Relative Significance of Delaying Factors in Hilly Road ConstructionThakur, Vinay; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]; Gupta, Aakash [Guided by]
2015Bamboo as a Green Alternative to Steel for Reinforced Concrte Elements of a Low Cost Residential BuildingMehra, Ankit Singh; Ganguly, Rajiv [Guided by]; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]
2021Behavior of Helical Soil Nails: an experimental and theoretical studySharma, Pankaj; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]; Rawat, Saurabh [Guided by]
2015Capacity Based Earthquake Resistant Design of RC Framed Building With a Soft StoreySharma, Dipali; Dhiman, Poonam [Guided by]; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]
2019Characterization and Settlement Analysis of Municipal Solid WasteThakur, Disha; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]; Ganguly, Rajiv [Guided by]
2017Characterization of Municipal Solid Waste of a City in Western UP, IndiaChoudhary, Ankur; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]
2016Comparative Analysis of Response of Buildings with Setbacks to Seismic LoadingGulshan, Ajay Singh; Negi, Mudit Kumar; Thakur, Vinay; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]
2017Comparison and Analysis of Green Home with Traditional BuildingYadav, Devesh; Singh, Lav [Guided by]; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]
2021Comparison of 10 Story Building in Earthquake Zone-I and Zone-IV With Analysis of Green BuildingChauhan, Gunjan; Dema, Tshechik; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]; Gautam, Chandra Pal [Guided by]
2018Comparitive Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Square and Circular Steel Base Plate on Leveling Nuts Using AnsysSingh, Sumer R; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2019Design and Scheduling of a Major Building ProjectKumar, Anil; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]
2016Design of a Multistorey Building in an Earthquake Prone Area Using Staad.Pro V8iJain, Roopak; Joshi, Saumya; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]
2016Design of Earthquake Resistant Residential BuildingSharma, Anshul; Singh, Darveshdeep; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]