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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Analysis and Study of Load Balancing in CloudGupta, Nikhil; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2015Android Mobile Operated Car ControlMankotia, Abhishek; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2016Cloud IAAS Visualization ControllerAgrawal, Shubhangi; Garg, Divyansh; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2017Cost Efficient Genetic Algorithm for Resource Scheduling in Cloud InfrastructureChaudhary, Girisha; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2015Dynamic Auditing Services for Integrity Verification of Outsourced Storages on CloudThakur, Nitika; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2016Dynamic load balancing in Cloud StorageDogra, Shagun; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2015Effective Energy ConsumptionSingla, Gavish; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2015Electrical Energy Efficient System Design using Automation and Artificial Intelligence for ClassroomsGupta, Anisha; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2015Handling Load Balancing in Cloud StorageSingh, Ravideep; Gupta, Pradeep Kumar [Guided by]; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2015Hybrid Intrusion Detection SystemKhanna, Kanika; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2016Infrastructure as a Service Cloud MonitorKumar, Abhinav; Tumu, Sai Dinesh; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2015Internet of Things in HealthcareAggarwal, Deepika; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2017IOT based EMF data transfer for Electronic Locking SystemDiksha; Divyanshu; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2017IOT based Green Agriculture and Analysis SystemAhuja, Dishant; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2015Load Balancing Algorithm for Content Delivery NetworkGupta, Anushree; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2017Monkey Search Algorithm Based Task Scheduling in Cloud IaasTewari, Prateek; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2014Packet SnifferRajvanshi, Shubham; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2015Remote Monitoring System for Network ManagementSharma, Anviitt; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]
2015Using CDN to Increase the Scalability of the ServerVerma, Harsh; Gupta, Punit [Guided by]