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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Analysis of optimal threshold selection for spectrum sensing in a cognitive radio network: an energy detection approachKumar, Alok; Thakur, Prabhat; Pandit, Shweta; Singh, G.
2006Frameworks of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Techniques in Cognitive Radio Communication SystemsThakur, Prabhat; Kumar, Alok; Pandit, S; Singh, G; Satashia, S N
2020Optimal Threshold Selection of Energy Detection Based Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio NetworksKumar, Alok; Pandit, Shweta [Guided by]; Singh, Ghanshyam [Guided by]
2020Optimisation of censoring-based cooperative spectrum sensing approach with multiple antennas and imperfect reporting channel scenarios for cognitive radio networkKumar, Alok; Pandit, Shweta; Singh, Ghanshyam
2022Optimization of Fusion Center Parameters With Threshold Selection in Multiple Antenna and Censoring-Based Cognitive Radio NetworkKumar, Alok; Pandit, Shweta; Thakur, Prabhat; Singh, Ghanshyam
2017Performance analysis of cooperative spectrum monitoring in cognitive radio networkThakur, Prabhat; Kumar, Alok; Pandit, Shweta; Singh, G.; Satashia, S. N.
2017Performance analysis of high-traffic cognitive radio communication system using hybrid spectrum access, prediction and monitoring techniquesThakur, Prabhat; Kumar, Alok; Pandit, S.; Singh, G.; Satashia, S. N.
2018Spectrum monitoring in heterogeneous cognitive radio network: How to cooperate?Thakur, Prabhat; Kumar, Alok; Pandit, Shweta; Singh, Ghanshyam; Satashia, Samji N.
2020Threshold selection analysis of spectrum sensing for cognitive radio network with censoring based imperfect reporting channelsKumar, Alok; Pandit, S.; Singh, G.