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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Analysing the Impact of Packet Dropping Attack in IoTSardana, Manan; Saicharan, V.; Bhati, Pradhyum; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2017Analysis and Implementation of DAO Inconsistency Attack in RPLSharma, Akhil; Malik, Vishwas; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2017Analysis and Implementation of Sinkhole Attack in RPLSingh, Mehul; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2023BidNexusSingh, Kunwar Pratap; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2023Data collection network structure Tree for IoTKumar, Adarsh; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2023Design a Fault Tolerant Data Collection Network Structure in IoTDev, Anirudh Pal; Thakur, Anshul; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2016Designing a Game for Locating Objects in ImagesTyagi, Avichal; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2016Detection of a Black Hole Attack in RPL using IDSSharma, Ashish; Gupta, Prakhar; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2016Educational Game for Malaria DiagnosisTyagi, Puneet; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2015Eliciting User Preferences Based on Online GameMittal, Reema; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2015Eliciting User Preferences through an Online GameChansoria, Pallavi; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2015Face Recognition SystemGupta, Apoorv; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2018Fault Tolerance for Concurrent Data Collection in Iot NetworksNancy; Vrinda; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2021Food Ordering App in Android DevelopmentGupta, Sonali; Katiyar, Yukti; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2021Human Activity Recognition Using Smartphone DatasetSharma, Anchal; Arora, Chirag; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2015Improving Web Accessibility Using A Computer Game ProjectSharma, Arushi; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2019Minimization of time Delay using Concurrent Data Collection for IoTThakur, Avinash; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2015Music Player in AndroidKajaria, Shubham; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2015Online Medical Practitioner and Appointment ManagerGrover, Agrima; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2023Peer NFT Marketplace, Peer Zen Wallet and 5ire Services Development using Frontend, Backend and Blockchain Technologies-Antier SolutionsAwasthi, Shaurya; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]