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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Analysis and Design of Guyed Tower using ANSYSSingh, Himanshu; Gupta, Sarthak; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2019Analysis of Blast Load on Structure using SAP2000Negi, Shivani; Sharma, Ashutosh; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2019Analysis of Truss Bridge and Cost Optimization by Using Hollow SectionsBhatia, Sahil; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2021Analysis of Underground Storage Tank using Abaqus SoftwareVerma, Kartik; Karar, Naveen; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2022Application of Alkali Resistant Glass Fiber in ConcreteRohit Kumar; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2019Comparative Analysis of Truss Bridge by Replacing Solid Sections with Hollow SectionsThakur, Divyam; Mahajan, Ajay; Kumar, Akshay; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2018Comparitive Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Square and Circular Steel Base Plate on Leveling Nuts Using AnsysSingh, Sumer R; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2021Dynamic Analysis of Structure With BasementSrivastava, Aditya; Thapa, Manik; Sharma, Rohit; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2019Effect of Unprocessed and Processed Recycled Aggregate on the Compressive Strength of High Strength ConcreteSharma, Aditya; Verma, Ashish; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2020Experimental and Analytical Studies of Bond Strength Between Concrete and Steel Bars in Different Types of ConcreteSharma, Shivam; Thakur, Ria; Guleria, Anirudh; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2023Exploring Building Information Modelling Features in Building ConstructionPhuntsho, Ugyen; Jatsho, Yeshi; Gautam, Chandra Pal [Guided by]; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2020Failure Mechanism Analysis at Steel Concrete Composite InterfaceChauhan, Gaurav; Thakur, Abhishek; Srivastava, Amol; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]; Kumar, Pankaj[Guided by]
2020Feasibility Study of Using Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebars as Reinforcement in ConcreteDolkar, Ngawang; Nadda, Ujjwal; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2021Finite Element Analysis of Failure Mechanism of Steel Concrete Composite InterfaceJaved, Wasaf; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2020Improvement of Confinement and Ductility of Circular ColumnSharma, Awaz Dutt; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2023Road Construction and Batching Plant ManagementTyagi, Ujjwal; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2018Seismic Analysis of Floating Column BuildingKumar, Ashish; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2021Stress Concentration Problem in GirderSingh, Krishna Pratap; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2018Study on Labour Productivity in Hilly Terrain (H.P) in Construction Project and Improved Overall Productivity of the Construction ProjectsMehra, Sonali; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]
2020Study on Strength and Durability of Recycled Aggregate ConcreteDhar, Swaran; Kumar, Kaushal [Guided by]