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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20193-D Shape Reconstruction Based CT Image EnhancementDiwakar, Manoj; Kumar, Pardeep
2009Design and analysis of Multi-frequency Broadband Microstrip AntennasKumar, Pardeep; Singh, Ghanshyam [Guided by]; Bhooshan, Sunil V. [Guided by]
2019Efficient Generation of Association Rules from Numeric Data Using Genetic Algorithm for Smart CitiesKumar, Pardeep; Singh, Amit Kumar
2022GSO‑CNN‑based model for the identification and classification of thyroid nodule in medical USG imagesSrivastava, Rajshree; Kumar, Pardeep
2017Guest Editorial: Robust and Secure Data Hiding Techniques for Telemedicine ApplicationsKumar, Pardeep; Ghrera, S. P.; Gupta, Pradeep Kumar; Mohan, Anand
2017A Modified Diagonal Mesh Shuffle Exchange Interconnection NetworkPunhani, Akash; Kumar, Pardeep; Nitin, Nitin
2017Modified Locally Linear Embedding with Affine TransformationMehta, Kanika; Tyagi, Gajendra; Rao, Aashish; Kumar, Pardeep; Chauhan, Durg Singh
2014Mood Swing Analyser: A Dynamic Sentiment Detection ApproachKalyani; Gupta, Ekta; Rathee, Geetanjali; Kumar, Pardeep; Chauhan, Durg Singh
2017Three-Dimensional Topology based on Modified Diagonal Mesh Interconnection NetworkPunhani, Akash; Kumar, Pardeep; Nitin, Nitin
2020Time Series Data Prediction using IoT and Machine Learning TechniqueKumar, Raghavendra; Kumar, Pardeep; Kumar, Yugal
2019A Tree Based Approach for Data Pre-processing and Pattern Matching for Accident Mapping on Road NetworksKumar, Arvind; Johari, Suchi; Proch, Deepak; Kumar, Pardeep; Chauhan, Durg Singh