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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Biosynthesis and therapeutic implications of iridoid glycosides from Picrorhiza genus: the road aheadKumar, Varun; Chauhan, Rajinder Singh; Tandon, Chanderdeep
2014Cost effective quantification of picrosides in Picrorhiza kurroa by employing response surface methodology using HPLC-UVKumar, Varun; Chauhan, Rajinder Singh; Sood, Hemant; Tandon, Chanderdeep
2016Higher amount of steviol detected in the leaves of a non-toxic endangered medicinal herb, Aconitum heterophyllumKumar, Varun; Chauhan, Rajinder Singh
2015An insight into conflux of metabolic traffic leading to picroside-I biosynthesis by tracking molecular time course changes in a medicinal herb, Picrorhiza kurroaKumar, Varun; Sharma, Neha; Shitiz, Kirti; Singh, Tiratha Raj; Tandon, Chanderdeep; Sood, Hemant; Chauhan, Rajinder Singh
2017Modular Design of Picrosides Biosynthesis Unravelled through Intermediates Flux Dynamics vis-a-vis Expression Analysis of Pathway Genes in a Medicinal Herb, Picrorhiza kurroa Royle ex BenthKumar, Varun; Chauhan, Rajinder Singh [Guided by]
2016Molecular dissection of pathway components unravel atisine biosynthesis in a non-toxic Aconitum species, A. heterophyllum WallKumar, Varun; Malhotra, Nikhil; Pal, Tarun; Chauhan, Rajinder Singh
2015Optimization of a preparative RP-HPLC method for isolation and purification of picrosides in Picrorhiza kurroaKumar, Varun; Sood, Hemant; Chauhan, Rajinder Singh
2015Probing Phosphorus Efficient Low Phytic Acid Content Soybean Genotypes with Phosphorus Starvation in Hydroponics Growth SystemKumar, Varun; Singh, Tiratha Raj; Hada, Alkesh; Jolly, Monica; Ganapathi, Andy; Sachdev, Archana
2015Tracking dynamics of enzyme activities and their gene expression in Picrorhiza kurroa with respect to picroside accumulationKumar, Varun; Shitiz, Kirti; Chauhan, Rajinder Singh; Sood, Hemant; Tandon, Chanderdeep