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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Android application on Bank account tracking systemDikshit, Rajat; Nitin [Guided by]
2015Censored LAN MessengerAgarwal, Akshay Kumar; Nitin [Guided by]
2015Credit Card Fraud DetectionSoni, Raghav; Nitin [Guided by]
2014Credit Card Fraud DetectionGrewal, Jagmann Singh; Nitin [Guided by]
2015Credit Card Fraud Detection using Hidden Markov Model and Stochastic Tools and technologyThakur, Shivaca; Nitin [Guided by]
2015Designing an Interconnection Network Using Genetic AlgorithmSaini, Aradhya; Nitin [Guided by]
2008Efficient Algorithms for Checking the Equivalence of Multi Stage Interconnection NetworksMathur, Tushar; Panjabi, Vineet; Vinay, Shivam; Behl, Pallavi; Nitin [Guided by]
2014Energy Efficient Cooperative Video DistributionKukar, Aseem; Nitin [Guided by]
2015Finite State Teting of Graphical User InterfacesGeetika; Nitin [Guided by]
2014Hotel Management SystemJain, Priyankar; Nitin [Guided by]
2007Intelligent SteganographyVashishta, Premansh; Garhwal, Harsh; Nitin [Guided by]
2014Intrusion Detection System in WSNSharma, Shashank; Nitin [Guided by]
2008JUIT- Image Based Authentication SystemAhuja, Sohit; Mahanot, Ankit; Singh, Pallavi; Nitin [Guided by]
2014Memory Customization in Multiprocessor Systems-on-ChipMittal, Shaily; Nitin [Guided by]
2007Modeling and Testing of GUI's using Finite State MachinesAhuja, Shrey; Upadhyay, Geetika; Gulati, Neha; Nitin [Guided by]
2008Multi-stage Interconnection Network with Fault-tolerance and Collision SolvingGarhwal, Shruti; Vaibhav, Kumar; Srivastava, Neha; Nitin [Guided by]
2006On a Performance of Interconnection NetworkKumar, Praveen; Kumar, Indu Bhushan; Nitin [Guided by]
2014On Efficiency of Grid Computing Scheduling AlgorithmsChauhan, Piyush; Nitin [Guided by]
2014On Efficiency of Multi-stage Interconnection NetworksBhardwaj, Ved Prakash; Nitin [Guided by]
2018On Improving Throughput and Latency of MESH Interconnection NetworksPunhani, Akash; Kumar, Pardeep [Guided by]; Nitin [Guided by]