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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Assessment and Analysis of H-2 Building of JUIT for Green FeatureDevendra Ahlay; Dorji, Pem; Bhardwaj, Akash [Guided by]; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]
2020Assessment of Cured and Uncured Strength of Leather Waste Stabilised Expansive SoilSingh, Sourav; Garg, Chahat; Gautam, Chandra Pal [Guided by]; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]
2020Characterisation of Water Treatment Sludge and its Reuse as Coagulant in Waste WaterBansal, Harshit; Aryan; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]; Dhulia, Anirban [Guided by]
2017Design and Slope Stability Analysis of a Proposed Ash Pond for Waste to Energy Plant in ShimlaChauhan, Shaman; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]; Rawat, Saurabh [Guided by]
2015Effect of Geotextiles on Engineering Properties of SoilVij, Lakshay; Thakur, Nitin; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]
2014Effect of Geotextiles on Engireening Properties of SoilDhawan, Shivom; Chopra, Rishabh; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]
2015Hydrological Design of Jakhol Sankri Hydroelectric Project 2 X 25 5 MWVerma, Aman; Jain, Harsh Vardhan; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]
2016Improvement of Shear Strength of Black Cotton Soil Using Polyester FibersJaiswal, Akash; Pathania, Ashish; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]
2021Landslide Mitigation Using Soil NailingTenzin; Subba, Bikash; Peldon, Kinzang; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]; Amardeep [Guided by]
2019Leachate Study of Soil using Leather as a Waste MaterialRana, Kuldeep; Sharma, Amit; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]
2021Slope Stability Analysis of Kotropi Landslide and its RemediationThakur, Sourav; Thakur, Nikhil; Thakur, Aman; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]
2019Stabilisation of Black Cotton Soil using Tanned Leather Waste AshThakur, Vaibhav; Sharma, Akshay; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]
2016Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil using Egg ShellsRawat, Tushar; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]
2017Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil Using FibersNegi, Shaheen; Bhararia, Alpa; Verma, Shiv Kumar; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]
2017Stabilization Of Black Cotton Soil Using Industrial WastesRawat, Nayan; Chaudhary, Sagar; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]
2019Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil using Thermally Treated Untanned Leather WasteGautam, Vibhor; Kumar, Ankush; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]
2015Stabilization of Black Cotton Soil Using Ultra Fine SlagYadav, Pravar; Mankotia, Nitesh; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]
2016Strength Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced River SandRana, Suparn; Sharma, Kartik; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]
2019Strength Parameters of Untanned Leather Ash Mixed Expansive SoilVerma, Bhupinder Singh; Dhiman, Aditya; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]
2014Studying of Traffic signal design and Calculation of cycle interval after Traffic surveying of a RotaryMann, Shahbaaz Singh; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]; Parihar, Niraj Singh [Guided by]