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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Code scattering and reduction in OVSF code blocking for 3G and beyond mobile communication systemsSharma, Neeru; Saini, Davinder S.
2012Fair Single Code and Multi Code Designs for 3G and Beyond CDMA SystemsSaini, Davinder S.; Sood, Munish
2008OVSF Code Sharing and Reducing the Code Wastage Capacity in WCDMASaini, Davinder S.; Bhooshan, Sunil V.
2012OVSF code slots sharing and reduction in call blocking for 3G and beyond WCDMA networksSaini, Davinder S.; Balyan, Vipin
2013Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction of OFDM signals Using Improved PTS Scheme with Low Computational ComplexityJoshi, Alok; Saini, Davinder S.
2013Performance Analysis and PAPR Reduction of Coded OFDM (with RSCC and Turbo coding) System using Modified SLM, PTS and DHT Precoding in Fading EnvironmentsJoshi, Alok; Saini, Davinder S.
2013Performance of Concatenated Optimized Irregular LDPC Code with Alamouti Coded MIMO-OFDM SystemsGupta, Bhasker; Saini, Davinder S.
2015Quantized-Non Quantized Code Tree Partitioning and Reduction in Internal-External FragmentationBalyan, Vipin; Saini, Davinder S.; Sharma, Inderjeet; Aggarwal, Pranjal
2013A Rate MT Full Diversity STF Block Coded 4 × 4 MIMO-OFDM System with Reduced ComplexityGupta, Bhasker; Saini, Davinder S.
2014Same rate and pattern recognition search of orthogonal variable spreading factor code tree for wideband code division multiple access networksBalyan, Vipin; Saini, Davinder S.
2012Space–Time/Space–Frequency/Space–Time–Frequency Block Coded MIMO-OFDM System with Equalizers in Quasi Static Mobile Radio Channels Using Higher Tap OrderGupta, Bhasker; Saini, Davinder S.
2013Top Down Code Search to Locate An Optimum Code and Reduction in Code Blocking for CDMA NetworksSaini, Davinder S.; Balyan, Vipin
2011Vacant codes grouping and fast OVSF code assignment scheme forWCDMA networksBalyan, Vipin; Saini, Davinder S.