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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Accident DetectionChoudhary, Chandrashekhar; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2019Bug Report SummarizationSachdeva, Varnita; Mittal, Ayushi; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2020Cloud Quality and Reliability TeamGera, Ankit; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]; Geetanjali [Guided by]
2021Credit Card Fraud DetectionGoel, Ojusva Kumar; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2016Cross-layer Ids for Grayhole Attack in Wireless Mesh NetworkRanjan, Prabhat; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2015Detecting Attacks in Wireless Mesh NetworksRana, Sakshi; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2014Detection of Jamming Attack in Wimax Based Communication SystemsBhardwaj, Tanu; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2013Development of Enhanced Algorithm for Information Security Through WatermarkingAggarwal, Shivam; Sapra, Arjun; Asthana, Ravi; Bajaj, Rajat; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2015Effective Key Management in Wireless Mesh NetworkSingh, Kainaat; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2015Efficient Multicasting in Wireless Mesh Networks Using Steiner TreesBhatnagar, Ritika; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2018Energy Efficient Virtual Machine Consolidation for Cloud EnvironmentSharma, Oshin; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2019Epilepsy Detection using Neuro Fuzzy SystemsPriya, Ishu; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2021Facial Expression Recognition using Deep LearningGangwar, Jai; Tyagi, Shubham; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2015Fault Tolerating Protocol in 2 D Mesh NetworkPopli, Abhinish; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2019FICO Decision Management PlatformGoel, Shikhar; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2019Find Your CureSharma, Manish; Singh, Rishabh; Kashmiri, Devesh; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2015Geographical Routing in Peer to Peer Overlay NetworksDubey, Priyanka; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2019Gesture RecognitionSawhney, Vaibhav; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2019Google Playstore Application Analysis and PredictionRuhela, Shubham; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2019Healthcare System using IoT and Cloud of ThingsBaliyan, Aditya; Thakur, Ajay; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]