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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analysis and Designing of Box Culvert for Heavy Load Conditions Using STAAD ProSoni, Pawas; Aggarwal, Sameep; Saurav [Guided by]
2017Analysis of Box Culvert With and Without HaunchesPandey, Ishaan; Saurav [Guided by]
2017Analysis of Magnesium Oxychloride Cement as an Alternate Building MaterialShandilya, Nishant; Sharma, Jyoti; Sharma, Shubham; Saurav [Guided by]; Shukla, Abhilash [Guided by]
2017Comparative Study of Box Culvert With and Without HaunchesOla, Md Subaktageen; Gupta, Aman; Saurav [Guided by]
2023Construction of 4 LaneThakur, Nischay; Saurav [Guided by]; Rawat, Saurabh [Guided by]
2014Design of a VillaGoyal, Govind Ram; Vashishth, Yagyik; Mishra, Himanshu; Saurav [Guided by]
2023Development of Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Assessment for North Western Mountainous Region, Himachal PradeshThakur, Deepak; Saurav [Guided by]
2017Effect of Geotextile on Shear Strength of Municipal Solid Waste SoilKumar, Abhishek; Gupta, Abhinav; Saurav [Guided by]
2017Effective Cost Estimation and Design of Residential Building (1 Bhk)Rana, Ajay Singh; Gupta, Aditya; Pandey, Mohit; Saurav [Guided by]
2018Effects of Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete With Addition of Steel Fiber and Mineral AdmixtureSharma, Nimisha; Saurav [Guided by]
2019Experimental Studies on Permeable Concrete using Recycled AggregatesVikram, Ajay; Saurav [Guided by]
2015Experimental Study of Flexural Strength and Durability Analysis of Concrete Incorporating Ultrafine SlagMalaviya, Pratyush; Saurav [Guided by]
2017Experimental Study on Potential of Magnesium Oxychloride Cement With Bagasse as an AdditiveGupta, Pawan; Saurav [Guided by]
2017Experimental Study on Potential of Waste Glass Powder as Partial Replacement of CementKumar, Vinay; Saurav [Guided by]
2017Experimental Study on Properties of Steel Fiber Reinforced ConcreteHarbla, Rohit; Saurav [Guided by]
2017Experimental Study on Steel Fibre Reinforced ConcreteSingh, Gaurav; soni, Rajat; Saurav [Guided by]
2018Finite Element Analysis of a Beam with Corrugated Web of a Jib CraneTalwar, Damini; Saurav [Guided by]
2018Identification and Comparison of Accidents on Dam and Highway Construction SitesThakur, Akanksha; Rawat, Saurabh [Guided by]; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]; Saurav [Guided by]
2019Mechanical and Durability Analysis of Geopolymer ConcreteSingh, Harsh Vardhan; Vatshyayan, Maanik; Saurav [Guided by]
2021Numerical Simulation of Projectile Penetration on Concrete Panel by Using AbaqusVishal; Saurav [Guided by]