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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Automatic Text Summarization using Natural Language ProcessingBehal, Sonali; Gupta, Aayush; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]
2018ECG Monitoring System Using IoTSharma, Saundarya; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]
2019Energy Conservation using DVFS on Cloud and Fog for Power Cost Efficient IOT Devices EnvironmentChauhan, Piyush; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]
2018Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor NetworksSharma, Kapil; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]; Singh, Pradeep Kumar [Guided by]
2015Fingerprint Validated Mailing SystemJassal, Charuta; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]
2019Flexible Router Architecture of Network-On-ChipsChadda, Anubha; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]
2015Globally Asynchronous and Locally SynchronousAgarwal, Rachit; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]
2014Gyroscope Interfaced RobotArora, Tarun; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]
2016Home Automation Through Internet of Things IoTWadhwani, Himanshi; Gupta, Ridhima; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]
2017Home Automation Using IotSharma, Arshiya; Luthra, Garima; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]
2017Implementation of one or more data compression algorithms, analysis of the algorithms and presentation of the resultsBansal, Sagar; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]
2016Internet of Things in Smart GardeningMadaan, Aakashdeep; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]
2017IoT Prototype for Green House Effect DetectionMahajan, Sufal; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]
2016Recommender SystemsSrivastava, Prakhar Anand; Mittal, Yash; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]
2016Remote Sensing using Internet of Things IOTTrehan, Vasuda; Singh, Navkaran; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]
2017Security and Privacy Mechanism in IoTSharma, Mukesh; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]
2016Self Balancing BotGupta, Shivam; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]
2017Speaking Walking Stick Using GPS InterfaceSinghal, Diksha; Mehta, Mukesh Kumar; Sehgal, Vivek [Guided by]