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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20203D Cell Culture Market (3rd Edition) 2020-2030Dogra, Abhishek; Chaudhary, Gaurav; Gaurav, Kanwa; Sharma, Aman [Guided by]
2020Accessibility Study for Maglev Based Transit in New DelhiWazir, Alakshendra Singh; Sharma, Aman [Guided by]
2021Blockchain Application for Medical DomainShukla, Shashank; Singh, Shubham; Sharma, Aman [Guided by]
2020Chatroom Using .NET FrameworkSharma, Kritika; Sharma, Aman [Guided by]
2020Comparison of Twitter Sentimental Analysis Using Various ClassifierShekhar, Shashank; Sharma, Aman [Guided by]
2021Covid-19 DetectionBaral, Shreenath; Sharma, Aman [Guided by]
2021Facial Key-point DetectionBansal, Adhishree; Bhardwaj, Aarushi; Sharma, Aman [Guided by]
2020Handwritten Digits Recognition using Neural NetworksBisht, Mayank; Agarwal, Hritik; Sharma, Aman [Guided by]
2020Loan Approval Predictor using Data Science and Machine LearningVashist, Shail Vatsal; Sharma, Aman [Guided by]
2022Movie Recommender System Using Matrix Factorization and Deep Learning TechniquesMittal, Sparsh; Sharma, Aman [Guided by]
2021Qualitative Approach to the Software Development Engineering and TestingVidyanta, Dwaipayan; Joshi, Abhijeet [Guided by]; Sharma, Aman [Guided by]
2020ReTrade – Second hand product selling/buying app for JUITDhingra, Dhruv; Sharma, Aman [Guided by]
2021Sentiment AnalysisTenzin, Dawa; Sharma, Aman [Guided by]
2020Student Suvidha – A React Native ApplicationGupta, Rahul; Sharma, Aman [Guided by]
2021Trackit Training Management AppJindal, Vaibhav; Jain, Prakhar; Gupta, Tarun; Harshvardhan, Prince; Prajapati, Aman; Bhatia, Radhesh; Aggarwal, Shikhar; Sharma, Rishabh [Guided by]; Sharma, Aman [Guided by]
2021Web Application using Tensorflow.JSAgarwal, Abhishek; Sharma, Aman [Guided by]