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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Bioprocessing of Wheat Bran for the Production of Lignocellulolytic Enzyme Cocktail by Cotylidia Pannosa under Submerged ConditionsSharma, Deepika; Garlapati, Vijay Kumar; Goel, Gunjan
2016Bioprocessing of wheat bran for the production of lignocellulolytic enzyme cocktail by Cotylidia pannosa under submerged conditionsSharma, Deepika; Garlapati, Vijay Kumar; Goel, Gunjan
2018Endocellulase Production by Cotylidia pannosa and its Application in Saccharification of Wheat Bran to BioethanolSharma, Deepika; Sud, Amit; Bansal, Saurabh; Mahajan, Rishi; Sharma, B. M.; Chauhan, Rajinder Singh; Goel, Gunjan
2016Environmental Impact of Solid Waste Near Salogra Dump Site, SolanSharma, Deepika; Ganguly, Rajiv [Guided by]
2019In Vitro Efficacy of Lipid Conjugated Peptidomimetics Against Mycobacterium smegmatisSharma, Deepika; Poonam; Shrivastava, Rahul; Bisht, Gopal Singh
2022A Mini‑Review on Potential of Neuropeptides as Future TherapeuticsSharma, Deepika; Kumar, Krishan; Bisht, Gopal Singh
2017Optimization of Lignocellulolytic Enzyme Cocktail Production from Cotylidia pannosa and its application in Bioethanol Production and Dye DecolorizationSharma, Deepika; Goel, Gunjan [Guided by]
2018Statistical assessment of DNA extraction methodology for cultureindependent analysis of microbial community associated with diverse environmental samplesMahajan, Rishi; Attri, Sampan; Sharma, Kavita; Singh, Niharika; Sharma, Deepika; Goel, Gunjan
2020Synthesis Characterization and Antibacterial Evaluation of Peptides and their Poly-N-Substituted Glycine CongenersSharma, Deepika; Bisht, Gopal Singh [Guided by]