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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Accessing Videos and Implementing Speaker Recognition System Using Speech ProcessingMalhotra, Sachin; Chutani, Anurag; Goel, Tarun; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2015Automated Railway Gate ControllerGupta, Sanya; Harjai, Akanksha; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2009Automatic Room Light Controller with Visitor CounterGupta, Atul; Jatsho, Choeying; Aggarwal, Anish; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2020Business Development in the Startup WorldMahajan, Diuman; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2020Business Development ProjectVerma, Arushi; Raina, Sakeet [Guided by]; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2016GSM Based LPG Leakage Detection Using MicrocontrollerRana, Rajat; Bhardwaj, Prashant; Singh, Munish; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2008GSM Based Missile Launching SystemGupta, Akshi; Verma, Sourabh; Gera, Vaibhav; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2014Implementation of Wheelchair Using TouchscreenChoudhary, Manish; Sharma, Rohit; Dogra, Abhishek; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2014Improved Spectrum Sensing Using Multiple Energy DetectorsChauhan, Anurag; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2019IoT Based Mobile Rescue Robot for Disaster ManagementChaudhary, Kritika; Mishra, Amogh; Raina, Prafull; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2017Motion magnificationParmar, Yashika; Chahal, Sumeet Singh; Bansal, Puvail; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2014Non-cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Using Combined Hybrid Matched Filter Single Cycle Cyclostationary Feature DetectorJoshi, Divya; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2019Optimal Transmission over Decentralized Gaussian MAC with Large UsersThakur, Smriti; Rana, Akhil; Shivangi; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2008Path Follower Robotic Car using RF TagSaxena, Khushboo; Malviya, Sachin; Prasad, Ankita; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2011Patient Monitoring and Care SystemGulhar, Abhinav; Barar, Prateek; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2017Pattern Recognition Using Neural NetworksBatr, Dhruv; Singh, Gundeep; Shukla, Achmn; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2009PC Based Mobile Robot for Navigation PurposeSokhal, Sahil; Sharma, Varun; Thakur, Ashok; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2018Performance Analysis of Optical WDM Networks Using Matplan WDMBhalaik, Swati; Kumar, Rajiv [Guided by]; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2021Proactive Connection Recovery Strategies for Survivable Elastic Optical NetworksKumar, Dinesh; Kumar, Rajiv [Guided by]; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2017Sign Language ConverterKumar, Aashish; Sharma, Rishabh; Kumar, Manish; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]