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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Active Chat Monitoring and Suspicious Chat DetectionZam, Dem; Dema, Tshewang; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2023Adaptive Multi-Armed Bandit based Task SchedulingKhokhar, Arushi; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2020App LockerMahajan, Akash; Rai, Rishi; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2017Blom’s Scheme of Pairwise key Distribution Technique to prevent the Sybil Attack in Wireless Sensor NetworkSaini, Shantanu; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2008Compression of Data and its Secured Transmission over NetworkBhardwaj, Nihit; Gupta, Rajat; Rana, Vijay; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2015Controlling Home Appliances using InternetKaushik, Anirudh; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2008Design and Implementation of a Low Interaction Honeypot to Track Dstributed Denial of Services (DDoS) AttackGupta, Nitin; Nigam, Nitin; Malhotra, Chetan; Dev, Siddharth; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2015Designing a Simulation Application for Greedy Perimeter Stateless Routing Protocol for Ad Hoc NetworksSrivastava, Pranshu; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2014Designing a Simulation Application for Mobility Based Clustering Algorithm in MANETSSharma, Nishtha; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2015Designing a Simulation Based Application for Lowest ID Clustering Algorithm in Moble Ad Hoc NetworksPathak, Riddhima; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2023Detection of Botnet Attack in IoT using Machine LearningPandey, Vasundhara; Mishra, Suryansh; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2013Detection of Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) Against a Web ServerSrivastava, Mudit; Thakur, Ujjwal; Agnihotri, Utkarsh; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2023Detection of Malarial Parasite in Blood using Image ProcessingSharma, Himanshu; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2011Detection of Sybil Attack in a Mobile Ad Hoc Network (Manet)Goel, Ratish; Sharma, Ankur; Weezer, Tashi; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2013Development of a Messenger Based on AndroidMittal, Abhik; Gautam, Garima; Verma, Mahak; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2009E-Mail ServerSurana, Praful; Puri, Abhay; Mehta, Shivalya; Maggon, Himanshu; Mahajan, Anubhav; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2021An Efficient Mobile Data Offloading Solution for Opportunistic NetworksSharma, Prince; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]; Shukla, Shailendra [Guided by]
2007Encryption and Decryption of FilesGarg, Nidhi; Sapru, Rajat; Chaturvedi, Ravi; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2023Faultify- an Issue Tracking Application using Spring MVCMehta, Raven; Jain, Shruti [Guided by]; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2016Impersonation Based Sybil attack to Disrupt the Highest Degree Clustering Algorithm in Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksPrakash, Prem; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]