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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1880Introduction to Fiber Optic Systems; 2n Ed.Powers, John
1953Vivekananda- A BiographySwami, Nikhilananda
1980The Life of Swami VivekanandaGhose, K C
1982Fundamentals of Data StructuresHorowitz, Ellis; Sahni, Sartaj
1983Field and Wave Electromagnetics Solution Mannual; 2nd Ed.Cheng, David K.
1983Field and Wave Electromagnetics; 2nd Ed.Cheng, David K.
1992Temporal, Variation of Scour Around Circular Bridge PiersKothyari, Umesh C.; Garde, RamChandra J.; Raju, Kittur G. Ranga
1993Mineralogical Applications of Crystal Field Theory, 2nd Ed.Burns, Roger G.
1994Graphics GemsHeckbert, Paul S.
1994Fuzzy Logic: a practical approacheMcNeill, F. Martin; Thro, Ellen
1996Introduction to Genetic AlgorithmsMelanie, Mitchell
1996Schaum’s Outline Of Theory and Problems OF Programming with C, 2nd Ed.Gottfried, Byron s.
1998Evolutionary Genetics; 2nd Ed.Smith, John Maynard
1998Genetics: principles and analysis; 4th Ed.Hartl, Daniel L.; Jones, Elizabeth W.
1998Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Beginning Physics II: waves, electromagnetism, optics, and modern physicsHalpern, Alvin; Erlbach, Erich
1998C++ Complete ReferenceSchildt, Herbert
1998Analytical Biochemistry; 3rd ed.Holme, David J.; Peck, Hazel
1998Creativity in Hnuman Evolution and PrehistoryMithen, Steven
1999Introduction to Protein Structure; 2nd Ed.Branden, Carl; Tooze, John
1999Introduction to Electrodynamics; 3rd Ed.Griffiths, David Jeffrey