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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Computer Numerical Control Programmig BasicsKrar, Steve; Gill, Arthur
1999Philosophy and Computing: an introductionFloridi, Luciano
1999Efficient C++ Performance Programming TechniquesBulka, Dov; Mayhew, David
1999Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of BiologyFried, George H.; Hademenos, George J.
1999The Self-Made Tapestry: pattern formation in natureBall, Philip
1999Animals, Disease and Human Society: human-animal relations and the rise of veterinary medicineSwabe, Joanna
2000Protein Engineering in Industrial BiotechnologyAlberghina, Lila
2000Hydraulics, Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic MachinesKhurmi, R.S.
2000Calculus; Vol.2; 2nd Ed.Apostol, Tom M.
2000Engineering Circuit Analysis; 7th EdHayt, William H.; Kemmerly, Jack E.; Durbin, Steven M.
2000Coding Theory and Cryptography: From Enigma and Geheimschreiber to Quantum TheoryJoyner, David
2000Coding Theory and CryptographyHankerson, Darrel R.
2000Core C++ : a software engineering approachShtern, Victor
2000Information Hiding Techniques for Steganography and Digital WatermarkingKatzenbeisser, Stefan; Petitcolas, Fabien A. P.
2000Accelerated C++ Practical Programming by ExampleKoenig, Andrew; Moo, Barbara E.
2000Core Python ProgrammingChun, Wesley J.
2000CCNA for Dummies: overviewGilster, Ron; Bienvenu, Jeff; Ulstad, Kevin
2000PIC Microcontrollers for beginners,too!Matic, Nebojsa
2000Thinking in C++ Vol-1; 2nd Ed.Eckel, Bruce
2000Basic Concepts in Biochemistry; 2nd ed.Gilbert, Hiram F.