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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Online Banking SystemJain, Shishir; Gupta, Vinay; Kapoor, Arun Rishi; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2018Online Cab Booking SystemSingh, Nishant; Rathee, Geetanjali [Guided by]
2015Online College Management SystemSood, Ankit; Singh, Yashwant [Guided by]
2018Online Job PortalChawla, Parul ;Agarwal, Aastha ;Sharma, Puneet;Bansal, Aarzoo ;Garg, Vivek ;Sharma, Akshit; Ghrera, Satya Prakash[Guided by]
2015Online Job Search SystemGera, Tanya; Ahuja, Nishtha [Guided by]
2020Online Learning App for Lido Learning using React NativeGarg, Rohit; Bansal, Jivitesh[Guided by]
2015Online Medical Practitioner and Appointment ManagerGrover, Agrima; Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
2006Online Music LibrarySharma, Vivek; Singhal, Mohit; Shandil, Lokesh; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided by]
2020Online Quiz ApplicationSharma, Mukul; Singh, Hari[Guided by]
2015Online Real Estate Property ManagementGupta, Shubham; Singh, Yashwant [Guided by]
2012Online Screen SharingSoni, Rohit; Kakkar, Anurag; Gupta, Shivam; Hussain, Zeeshan; Rastogi, Ravi [Guided by]
2022Online Teaching and Emotional Intelligence of School InstructorsKaur, Anupriya
2015Online Toy Rental StoreBatra, Sakshi; Dahiya, Deepak [Guided by]
2007Online University Management SystemBansal, Prateek; Upadhyay, Pallavi; Bhargava, Hemant; Arora, Vipin [Guided by]
2020Online Voting System for Indian Electoral Process (Using Blockchain Concept)Bhawna; Sehgal, Sonali; Thakral, Prateek [Guided by]
2007Online Voting System over Public NetworkDubey, Harish; Sharma, Munish; Lamba, T.S. [Guided by]
2017Ontology Based Privacy Model for Secure Dissemination in Web Service CompositionChandel, Pallavi; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2012Op-Amps and Linear Integrated Circuit; 4th Ed.Gayakwad, Ramakant A.
2024Open Channel Flow and Hydraulic Machine (18B1WCE639) T-1 February, 2024 (Sem-6) CE-
2023Open Channel Flow and Hydraulic Machine (18B1WCE639) T-1 September, 2023 (Sem-1) CSE,IT,ECE, CE-