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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019ABCD: Alzheimer’s disease Biomarkers Comprehensive DatabaseKumar, Ashwani; Bansal, Ankush; Singh, Tiratha Raj
2018ABFL EMICard in iOS Application DevelopmentAli, Haider; Gupta, Punit[Guided by]
2000Accelerated C++ Practical Programming by ExampleKoenig, Andrew; Moo, Barbara E.
2019Accelerated PVT Analysis of UCM Architecture using Cadence ADE-XLSarma, Rajkumar; Bhargava, Cherry; Jain, Shruti
2015Accelerometer Based Hand Controlled RobotRana, Abhinav; Singh, Vishal; Sood, Rajat; Lamba, T.S. [Guided by]
2023Access Control Mechanism for Prevention of insider Threat in Distributed Cloud EnvironmentGaurav Deep; Sidhu, Jagpreet Singh [Guided by]; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2020Accessibility Study for Maglev Based Transit in New DelhiWazir, Alakshendra Singh; Sharma, Aman [Guided by]
2014Accessing Videos and Implementing Speaker Recognition System Using Speech ProcessingMalhotra, Sachin; Chutani, Anurag; Goel, Tarun; Sharma, Neeru [Guided by]
2020Accident DetectionChoudhary, Chandrashekhar; Saini, Hemraj [Guided by]
2023Accident Prevention SystemAbhishek; Bhatia, Vimal; Jain, Nishant [Guided by]
2016Accouniting for Managers (14B1WHS834) T-1 Feb,2016 (Sem 8)-
2022Account Prioritzation and SegmentationShrestha, Astitva ; Joshi, Aayush [Guideded By]
2014Account Tracker Android ApplicationArora, Yugal; Makroo, Ansuyia [Guided by]
2015Accounting for Managers (14B1WHS834) T- 2 May, 2015 (Sem 8)-
2015Accounting for Managers (14B1WHS834) T-1 March, 2015 (Sem 8)-
2016Accounting for Managers (14B1WHS834) T-2 April,2016 (Sem 8)-
2016Accounting for Managers (14B1WHS834) T-3 June, 2016 (Sem 8)-
2015Accounting for Managers(14B1WHS834) Mid Sem, 2015 (Sem 8) B.Tech-
2019ACE Cloud HostingSingh, Ajay; Jain, Mohit [Guided by]
2014Achyranthes aspera Root Extracts Induce Human Colon Cancer Cell (COLO-205) Death by Triggering the Mitochondrial Apoptosis Pathway and S Phase Cell Cycle ArrestArora, Shagun; Tandon, Simran