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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006C & C++ Based Software for Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna and ArraysChopra, Himanshu; Singh, Jaideep; Khah, Sunil Kumar [Guided by]
2014C In DepthChaudhary, Harry H.
2002The C Programming LanguageKernighan, Brian W.; Ritchie, Dennis M.
2015C# and VB. Net (12B1WCI734) T- 1 September, 2015 (Sem 7)-
2018C# and VB. Net (12B1WCI734) T-3 December, 2018 (Sem-7) B. Tech-
2016C# and VB.Net (12B1WCI734) T- 1 September, 2016 (Sem 7)-
2017C# and VB.Net (12B1WCI734) T-1 September, 2017 (Sem 7) B.Tech-
2018C# and VB.NET (12B1WCI734) T-1 September, 2018 (Sem-7) B. Tech-
2017C# and VB.Net (12B1WCI734) T-2 October, 2017 (Sem 7) B.Tech-
2018C# and VB.Net (12B1WCI734) T-2 October, 2018 (Sem-7) B. Tech-
2017C# and VB.Net (12B1WCI734) T-3 December, 2017 (Sem 7) B.Tech-
2020C# and VB.Net (18B1WCI637) T-1 February, 2020 (Sem-6) B.Tech-
1998C++ Complete ReferenceSchildt, Herbert
2003C++ from the Ground Up, 3rd Ed.Schildt, Herbert
2004C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3Blanchette, Jasmin; Summerfield, Mark
2005C++ Timesaving Techniques for DummiesTelles, Matthew
2016Cab Booking SystemWalia, Kanav; Kaur, Ramanpreet [Guided by]
2022CAD Algorithms for Synthesis of Digital Systems (19B1WEC832) T-2 April, 2022 (Sem-8) B.Tech-
2022CAD Algorithms for Systhesis of Digital Systems (19B1WEC832) T-3 May, 2022 (Sem-8) B.Tech (ECE)-
2017CAD for Two Class Classification of Lung Cancer using Statistical FeaturesAman Deep; Jain, Shruti; Bhusri, Sahil