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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Game Based on Bleach Animated SeriesSharma, Rohit; Suneja, Pranit; Bhooshan, Sunil V. [Guided by]
2020Game of Thrones: impact on U.S. baby names and network analysisVerma, Skund; Bhardwaj, Ashish; Saha, Suman[Guided by]
2001Gandhi's Passion: The Life and Legacy of Mahatma GandhiWolpert, Stanley
2018Gemalto Rd Utility and Biometric Enrolment ApplicationJohari, Priyanjul; Gupta, Punit[Guided by]
2018Gender Differences in Antioxidant Properties Phenotypic Plasticity and Freeze Tolerance in Seabuckthorn Hippophae Rhamnoides L. along an Altitudinal Gradient in Trans-Himalyan Ladakh, IndiaDolkar, Phuntsog; Anil Kant [Guided by]
2020Gender Identification using Facial FeaturesSingla, Shubham; Sidhu, Jagpreet Singh[Guided by]
2022Gender, Age and Ethnicity DetectionAgrawal, Akshat; Thakur, Sahil; Vasudeva, Amol [Guided By]
2020Gene Expression Analysis for Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factors (BDNF) and Their Role in Alzheimer's DiseaseShree, Saishta; Singh, Tiratha Raj[Guided by]; Srivastava, Saurabh[Guided by]
2002Gene Regulation and MetabolismVides, Julio Collado; Hofestadt, Ralf
2009Gene Silencing in Solanaceae for understanding Functions of Disease Resistance GenesThukral, Sonal; Kaivallya, Vivek; Chauhan, Rajinder Singh [Guided by]
2018General Chemistry (14B11BT211) Makeup Exam April, 2018 (Sem-2) B. Tech-
2018General Chemistry (14B11BT211) Mid-Term June, 2018 (Summer Sem-2) B. Tech-
2016General Chemistry (14B11BT211) T- 2 April, 2016 (Sem 2)-
2015General Chemistry (14B11BT211) T- 2 May, 2015 (Sem 2) B.Tech-
2016General Chemistry (14B11BT211) T-1 Feb,2016 (Sem 2)-
2018General Chemistry (14B11BT211) T-1 February, 2018 (Sem 2) B. Tech-
2015General Chemistry (14B11BT211) T-1 March, 2015 (Sem 2)-
2018General Chemistry (14B11BT211) T-2 April, 2018 (Sem-2) B. Tech-
2016General Chemistry (14B11BT211) T-3 June, 2016 (Sem 2)-
2018General Chemistry (14B11BT211) T-3 May, 2018 (Sem-2) B.Tech-