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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the TalibanYousafzai, Malala; Lamb, Christina
2019IBM Maximo 7.6.0Tewari, Krittika; Gadale, Sheetal [Guided by]
2019IBM TRIRIGASachdeva, Mohit; Sharma, Deepak [Guided by]
2019IBM TRIRIGASingh, Ritul; Sharma, Deepak [Guided by]
2018iBPS- Intelligent Business Process ManagementPanjabi, Pallavi; Parashar, Yogesh [Guided by]
2014Identification and Analysis of Frameshift Mutations and Their Disease Specific ConsequencesThakur, Jyoti; Singh, Tiratha Raj[Guided by]
2020Identification and Analysis of MIRNA’s and their Network Level Associations in Alzheimer’s diseaseRana, Shivani; Singh, Tiratha Raj[Guided by]
2012Identification and Association Analysis of Castor Bean Orthologous Candidate Gene-Based Markers for High Oil Content in Jatropha curcasSharma, Arti; Chauhan, Rajinder Singh
2010Identification and Characterization of a Calcium Oxalate Crystal Growth Protien inhibitor form Human Rebal stone MatrixPriyadarshini; Tandon, Chanderdeep [Guided by]; Singh, S.K. [Guided by]
2016Identification and Characterization of Enteropathogenic Escherichia Coli (EPEC) Variant and Screening of Their Antigenic ProteinsGupta, Deeksha; Vashistt, Jitendra [Guided by]
2019Identification and Characterization of Major Causative Bacterial Agents of Diarrhea from Regions of Himachal PradeshNutan; Vashisht, Jitendraa [Guided by]
2007Identification and Classification of Genomic Repeats (LINEs and SINEs)Gupta, Sumit; Mittal, Vinay Kumar
2017Identification and Classification of Small Molecule Binding Sites in the Breast Cancer ProteomeKanodia, Agam; Bhardwaj, Kamakshi; Ramana, Jaishree [Guided by]
2018Identification and Comparison of Accidents on Dam and Highway Construction SitesThakur, Akanksha; Rawat, Saurabh [Guided by]; Gupta, Ashok Kumar [Guided by]; Saurav [Guided by]
2022Identification and Quantification of Pomfret AllergensBhattacharjee, Priyanjalee; Garlapati, Vijay Kumar [Guided by]
2019Identification and Removal of DDOS Attack in IoTChhabra, Hardik; Sehgal, Nishant; Verma, Ruchi [Guided by]
2014Identification of Anti-Pathogenic Factors of Food Derived Lactobacillus SpeciesAtri, Pranita; Jauhari, Kanika; Dey, Gargi[Guided by]
2008Identification of candidate gene-based markers (SNPs and SSRs) in the zinc and iron transporter sequences of maize (Zea mays L.)Sharma, Aarti; Chauhan, R.S
2007Identification of Castor Bean Genome Sequences Corresponding to Fatty Acid Biosynthesis GenesJaiswal, Reetesh Chandra; Singh, Samip; Chauhan, R.S. [Guided by]
2020Identification of CpG Islands in DNA Sequences Using Short‑Time Fourier TransformGarg, Pardeep; Sharma, Sunildatt