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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017N Gram Based Algorithm for Distinguishing Between Hindi and Sanskrit TextsKumar, Manoj; Agnihotri, Radha; Mohana, Rajni [Guided by]
2022Nano Biotechnology (20MSWBT231) T-2 April, 2022 (Sem-2) M.Sc (BT)-
2022Nano Biotechnology (20MSWBT231) T-3 May, 2022 (Sem-2)-
2017Nano Biotechnology (L-11BiWBT840) Makeup Exam April, 2017 M.Tech-
2022Nano Biotechnology (L-18B1WBT633) T-3 May, 2022 (Sem-6) B.Tech (BT)-
2017Nano Biotechnology (L11BIWBT840) T-3 May, 2017 M.Tech-
2014Nano technological approach to improve bioavailability and Efficacy of phytotherapeutics for cancer treatmentKapoor, Kunal; Gautam, Namrata; Jaiswal, Maneesh [Guided by]
2013Nano-Antenna for Optical Resolution Using Plasmonic Material as SubstrateDhiman, Ratish K.; Tiwari, Rakesh N.; Pradeep Kumar; Singh, Ghanshyam; Chauhan, D. S.
2018Nano-Biotechnology (11B1WBI840) T-2, April, 2018 (Sem-8) B. Tech. & M. Tech.-
2018Nano-Biotechnology (11B1WBI840) T-2, April, 2018 M.Tech-
2022Nano-Biotechnology (18B1WBT633) T-1 February, 2022 (Sem-6) B. Tech. (BT)-
2019Nano-Biotechnology (L-11B1WBT840) T-1 February, 2019 (Sem-8) B. Tech & M. Tech-
2019Nano-Biotechnology (L-11B1WBT840) T-1 February, 2019 M. Tech-
2020Nano-Biotechnology (L-11B1WBT840) T-1 February, 2020 (Sem-8) B.Tech-
2019Nano-Biotechnology (L-11B1WBT840) T-2 April, 2019 (Sem-8) B. Tech & M. Tech-
2019Nano-Biotechnology (L-11B1WBT840) T-2 April, 2019 M. Tech-
2018Nano-Biotechnology (L-11B1WBT840) T-3 May, 2018, (B. Tech Sem-8)-
2019Nano-Biotechnology (L-11B1WBT840) T-3 May, 2019 (Sem-8) B. Tech-
2022Nano-Biotechnology (L-18B1WBT633) T-2 April, 2022 (Sem-6) B.Tech (BT)-
2019Nano-Biotechnology Concepts and Applications (L-18M1WBT232) T-1 February, 2019 Ph.D-