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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019R Programming and Applications (18B1WC1842) T-1 February, 2019 (Sem-8) B. Tech-
2019R Programming and Applications (18B1WCI842) T-2 April, 2019 (Sem-8) B. Tech-
2017Radar and Sonar Signal Processing (13M1WEC432) Makeup Exam April, 2017 (Sem 4) M.Tech-
2017Radar and Sonar Signal Processing (13M1WEC432) Supplementary Exam July, 2017 (Sem 4) M.Tech-
2016Radar and Sonar Signal Processing (13M1WEC432) T-1 Feb,2016 (Sem 4) M. Tech-
2016Radar and Sonar Signal Processing (13M1WEC432) T-2 April, 2016 (Sem 4) M.Tech-
2016Radar and Sonar Signal Processing (13M1WEC432) T-3 June, 2016 (Sem 4) M. Tech-
2017Radar and Sonar Signal processing (13M1WEC432) T-3 May, 2017 (Sem 4) M.Tech-
2017Rader and Sonar Signal Proocessing (13M1WEC432) T-2 April, 2017 M. Tech-
2007Railway Management SystemSingh, Amrit Pal; Agarwal, Abhisek; Singh, Nachiketa; Bhatt, Ravindra [Guided by]
2017Rain Water Conservation of Jaypee UniversitySharma, Kartik; Jamwal, Paaras; Chaudhary, Mayank; Gali, Veeresh [Guided by]; Shukla, Abhilash [Guided by]
2009Rainwater Harvesting in Hilly RegionsKhan, Anzer Ahmad; Sharma, Surbhi; Veeresh, G. S. [Guided by]; Babbar, Richa [Guided by]
2020RAN Evolution and AutomationKaushal, Muskan; Mohd, Shameem [Guided by]; Singh, Jitendra [Guided by]
2018Random Mutagenesis for Identification of Genes Responsible for Biofilm Formation in Mycobacterium FortuitumPramjeet, Rahul; Shrivastava, Rahul[Guided by]
2018Ranking Academic InstitutionsSrivastava, Shreya ;Bansal, Khushboo; Saha, Suman[Guided by]
2015Ranking and Related Aspects in Metabolic Networks ProfileSharma, Pryanka; Saha, Suman [Guided by]; Chanumolu, Sree Krishna [Guided by]
2015Ranking Spatial Data by Quality PreferencesSharma, Siddharth; Saha, Suman [Guided by]
2022Rasa ChatbotAhuja, Nandini; Bhatt, Ravindara [Guided By]
2018Raspberry Pi Home Automation Hub Internet of Things, IoTMehak; Sehgal, Vivek Kumar[Guided by]
2017Rate and Power Optimization Under Received-Power Constraints for Opportunistic Spectrum-Sharing CommunicationBala, Indu; Bhamrah, Manjit Singh; Singh, Ghanshyam