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Title: Alcohol Detection with Engine Locking
Authors: Kumar, Divesh 
Upadhyay, Apoorv 
Thakur, Anshumman 
Pandit, Shweta 
Keywords: Arduino Uno
Ultrasonic Sensor
DC Motor
Drunk driving
Alcohol Detection
Engine Locking
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology; Solan; H.P.
Abstract: This project presents the design and implementation of an Alcohol Detection with Engine Locking for cars using the Ultrasonic Sensor and Arduino UNO as the MCU (Master Control Unit). The system will continuously monitor level of alcohol concentration in alcohol detection sensor and thus turn off the engine of vehicle if the alcohol concentration is above threshold level. The model will also send the message of whereabouts of the vehicle through SIM900A. The project provides an efficient solution to control accidents due to drunk driving.
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