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Title: An Approach for the Design of Cylindrical Surrounding Double-Gate MOSFET
Authors: Srivastava, Viranjay M.
Singh, Ghanshyam
Yadav, K. S.
Keywords: Cylindrical Surrounding
Double-Gate MOSFET
CMOS Switch
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: In this paper, we have explored the designing approach of Cylindrical Surrounding Double-Gate (CSDG) MOSFETs, for the wireless telecommunication systems to operate at the microwave frequency regime of the spectrum. This proposed CSDG MOSFET can be used as the RF switch for selecting the data streams from antennas for both the transmitting and receiving processes. We emphasize on the basics of the circuit elements as drain current, resistances at switch ON condition, capacitances, energy stored required for the integrated circuit of the radio frequency sub-system. Using this device we analyzed that the drain current is higher, ONresistance is lower which shows that the isolation is better in CSDG MOSFET as compared to single-gate MOSFET and double-gate MOSFET.
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