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Title: Analysis of Variables of Quality in Construction
Authors: Sharma, Rohit
Gupta, Aakash [Guided by]
Keywords: Construction
Six sigma
Construction management
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: Construction industry is ever-growing in nature, with focus on development the quality of production needs to be carefully tacked, and as the quality of a construction project simply does not depend on one person or one method, all the factors are needed to be handled carefully to provide customer with best quality standard as possible. In country like India where the pace of construction is very fast and the need of quality construction is present, somehow due to competition in the workplace and in the market, the costs have to be reduce to attract more and more customers. This leads to deterioration of the quality of construction. The lack of quality material and quality process and eventually quality management results in cheaper but unsafe constructions. The study is focused on finding the variables that affect the quality in both good and the bad way. Starting with a hypothesis that describes the relation between the direct and the indirect variables of construction and the quality of construction. The first stage is about finding all the possible factors that affect the quality, then directing towards the magnitude and scale of these variables on the quality, finally this study will discover the hidden variables that are responsible for deterioration of quality in the first stage itself. Meanwhile, the factors that affect quality in a positive way will be unveiled. Construction management is closely bonded to quality management. As in this era of construction, bad quality not only leads to defame of the engineer but in cases of negligence, it may also result in damage to wellbeing of the occupants, loss of capital investment, material and machine wastage. The second stage of the study i.e. the evaluation of the variables will then help us in better understanding about the steps that shall be taken to improve the quality in construction without affecting the other project variables. The study will propagate in holistic manner and all the findings shall be entertained and discussed to their very extent. Finally the analysis will be able to conclude the hypothesis related to the quality and the variables
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