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Title: Data Hiding Technique for Consumer Applications
Authors: Sharma, Neha
Singh, Amit Kumar [Guided by]
Keywords: Data hiding techniques
Digital watermarking
Watermarking embedding
Digital image
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: The improvement of the Web has as regularly as conceivable extended the availability of cutting edge data, for instance, sound, pictures and recordings to general society. Progressed watermarking is an advancement being made to ensure and energize data affirmation, security and copyright protection of automated media. A computerized watermark is an undetectable mark implanted inside a picture to show legitimacy and possession. A viable computerized watermark ought to be perceptually imperceptible to forestall check of the first picture. It ought to be measurably undetectable to anticipate discovery, and it ought to likewise be strong to many picture controls, for example, separating, added substance clamor, and pressure. Computerized Watermarking is the way toward inserting data into advanced interactive media substance with the end goal that the data can later be removed or identified for an assortment of purposes including duplicate avoidance and control. Advanced watermarking has been proposed as another, option technique to uphold the licensed innovation rights and shield computerized media from tampering. It includes a procedure of inserting into a host flag a perceptually straightforward computerized signature, conveying a message about the Mark is known as the advanced watermark. The computerized watermark contains information that can be utilized as a part of different applications, including advanced rights administration, communicate checking and sealing. Chapter wise description of the thesis report is describe as follows:
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