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Title: Performance Analysis of Existing Sewage Treatment Plants in Himachal Pradesh
Authors: Dewan, Himanshu
Ganguly, Rajiv [Guided by]
Keywords: Sewage
Wastewater treatment
Biochemical oxygen
Chemical oxygen
Dissolved oxygen
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: Sewage is one of the most important factors for environment degradation as it contains variety of organic and inorganic constituents which degrade the environment. So, effective treatment of sewage is very crucial for healthy life. This study performed is based on the performance analysis of 30 existing domestic wastewater treatment plants in Himachal Pradesh. Extended aeration with mechanical aerators and diffused aeration system is the conventional technology used. Only physio-chemical parameters were tested and considered. Side by side, seasonal variation of STPs is also performed as temperature is one of the main factors which are very much responsible for the effective working of the micro-organisms. The study is based on two methods i.e. General efficiency method and Effluent Quality Index method. The objective of this project is to calculate the efficiencies of the STPs studied and provide with the ranking according to the most efficient plants. The analysis concludes that various plants treatment efficiency is not up to the level and needs urgent up gradation so as to meet the new effluent quality standards as per CPCB. According to General actual efficiency method, Kunihar ranks 1st with the removal efficiency of 90.69% and NIT Hamirpur lacks with the removal efficiency of 57.29%. As per Effluent quality method, Ghumarwin ranks 1st with the effluent quality index of 37.23 and can be used for recreational purposes. This study also concludes that Effluent quality index is one of the best methods to be used for effluent reuse.
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