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Title: Precision Agriculture Using Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Thakur, Divyansh
Kumar, Yugal [Guided by]
Kumar, Arvind [Guided by]
Keywords: Wireless sensor networks
Precision agriculture
Categorization of WSNs
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: In the present era, wireless sensor network (WSN) portrays a key role in engineering, science, agriculture and many more fields’ precision agriculture (PA) is one of the fields where WSN contributes major role. PA defines as the method of using technologies to produce better quality and quantity of crop it helps in raising the profitability graph of farmers. In PA various technologies like remote sensing, satellite, drones, wireless sensor network and many more are used to provide information to the farmers. Further, integration of WSNs in agriculture can monitor the progress of the crops and provide real time data to the farmers such as moistures, temperature, water and other resources. In this work, a sensor device with the help of Arduino board is designed to monitor the growth of plants in the greenhouse or in an agricultural field. The proposed device is capable to sense the moisture of soil, detect the insects in the planting area of plant, Measure the level of humidity and temperature, Capable of providing smart irrigation simultaneously. The data from the agricultural field to the farmer’s base station is transmitted through the help of Wi-Fi module. For accessing the data remotely, a cloud storage application is used.
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