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Title: 3D Touchless Interface Tracking Using Capacitive Sensing Technology
Authors: Mangal, Sumangal
Grover, Shruti
Solanki, Harshita
Saini, D.S. [Guided by]
Keywords: 3D technology
Graphic user interface
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: In this project, 3-D technology has been implemented in a cost effective and optimized way which is also simple to understand and experiment with. Combine low-tech materials with some high-tech components and build a completely touchless 3D Tracking Interface. This has been achieved using a technology called capacitive sensing, which is a way of human touch sensing, that requires little or no force to activate. In this, the sensor plate and our body form a capacitor. The more its capacitance, the more charge it can store. The capacitance of this capacitive touch sensor depends on how close your hand is to the plate. A 3D workspace is created and connected with Arduino microcontroller which measures the time capacitor (i.e. the touch sensor) takes to charge, giving it an estimate of the capacitance, which in turn transfers this data to Matlab (GUI), which processes this data and shows the corresponding movement using a graphic user interface. The working of human capacitive sensing using an aluminium foil as a capacitor plate and our hand as another has been shown.
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