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Title: Face Detection and Recognition System Using Raspberry Pi
Authors: Omer, Ankur
Ahuja, Nishtha [Guided by]
Keywords: Camera module V2
Face recognition
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: Traditional surveillance systems are rigid, infrastructure oriented and expensive. Surveillance system with Raspberry Pi and Pythons flexible, adoptable and small in size. Raspberry Pi 3 model B module is used in this system to achieve high speed of operation. Pi Camera v2Module is interfaced to one camera interface of Raspberry Pi 3. Haar Cascade Classifier algorithm is used for face detection and Local Binary Pattern algorithm for recognition technology. These hardware components are cost effective, small in size and has sufficient computational power for application oriented components. The basic system consists of two parts: face detection and face recognition. The framework is modified utilizing Python programming dialect. Both ongoing face recognition and face identification from particular pictures, i.e. Protest Recognition, is done in the framework. In face identification, we have built up a calculation that can recognize human appearances from a picture. We have taken skin shading as a device for identification. This procedure functions admirably for Indian confronts which have a particular composition fluctuating under certain range. We have taken genuine illustrations and reenacted the calculations using python and OpenCV on Raspberry Pi successfully.
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