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Title: Cloud Access Monitor
Authors: Singh, Ikjot
Singh, Shikha [Guided by]
Keywords: Algorithm
Cloud providers
Cloud access monitor
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: This report covers immensely crucial web application which I got chance to develop in my internship where I have learnt a lot this project is basically an idea of both Kulizain as well the client we have and together we have developed and immense important and essential product which will not only help the organization to keep a check over there users as well will help the users who wants to exploit the resources they get through the organization. This product is mainly used by the schools and college of United States as the client is from there. Students have more tendency to do unwanted which should not be done within the premises of the campus as well with the resources of the organization. Need of this product was that student use to access unwanted sites which make the organization data vulnerable as using the business emails on the phishing site can cause the confidential data to get leaked which can be used again the company or a school . There were many instances were bully abuse and other unwanted thing we done through emails which goes untreated . Any student having suicidal thoughts and writing a diary onto the file in cloud can never get accessed and which can cause a loss of life. But now this product can help each and every person in one or the other way. More details are in this project report
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