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Title: Early Warning System for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
Authors: Singh, Adarsh
Garg, Priyamvada
Kaur, Ramanpreet [Guided by]
Keywords: DDoS attack
Virtual jamming
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: DDoS attack is one of the most dangerous attacks in the network community to flood the network traffic so that the genuine and authentic users cannot access the services delivered by the servers and legitimate sources. Recently, there has been much excitement in the attackers over using social networks to flood the packets so that the choke of network services can be implemented. A number of schemes have been proposed, but they differ greatly in the algorithms they use and in the networks upon which they are evaluated. As a result, the research community lacks a clear understanding of how these schemes compare against each other, how well they would work on real-world social networks with different structural properties, or whether there exist other (potentially efficient) ways of defense against distributed denial of service. In the event of a DDoS strike, one or more users from a network location send the data packets or signals and overload the network limit. Due to this reason the, network gets busy and is not able to deliver the service to other users. This attack is generally implemented on reservation, e-commerce, bidding, social media and many related websites so that the contenders cannot access the same service for which the other users are willing. The DDoS attack can be implemented on wireless sensor network, twork or Wi-Fi environment and is having very adverse effects on the bandwidth side. In this work, an effective algorithm for avoidance of distributed denial of service is proposed so that such attack can be pushed back or detected to carry on the network services without halt. This approach enhances the quality of service and overall performance of the network
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