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Title: Self Sustainable Building Analysis Aided Structural Design Estimation and Costing
Authors: Kuthiala, Tarak
Sharma, Ashish
Gautam, Chandra Pal [Guided by]
Keywords: Building analysis
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: Going Green in building constructions avails us many environmental, economical as well as social benefits. Example if all buildings in urban areas were made to adopt Green Building concepts, India could save more than 8400 MW of power annually which is enough to light half of Delhi or 5.5 lakh homes a year according to estimates by TERI. Hence, in context of that, we worked on the Self Sustainable Building Analsis Aided Structural Design, Estimation and Costing of Univesity hostel design, using economical green materials to effectively improve lighting, electricity, cost, insulation, water needs and demand on resources. This study replaces certain conventional applications with easy economical substitutes, structural elemental designs and a comparative study between our design incorporations and conventional applications; We have also managed to presents bill of quantities calculating project finances, project network with PERT and CPM analysis. Also we have determined energy and water demand in a 5 floors 60 resident 225 m2 built up area of hostel block. While analyzing the structure using STAAD Pro we have realized the discrepancies between software designs and manual designs to the effect that how overly safe the software designs are hence making them expensive, which can be checked by designed Excel files.
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