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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Development of Cytoscape Plugin for the Automation of SNP Analysis and their PathwaysThakur, Vikaran Singh; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2015Mining of DNA Repair Genomic and Network Data to Elucidate Regulatory Processes Involved in Human DiseasesSharma, Lokesh; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2015Quantitative studies on gene regulatory pathways for Alzheimers diseaseSanoria, Garima; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2021Analysis of Various Market Research Services with Special Focus on Title Generation Through Use CasesChauhan, Aakriti; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]; Bakare, Shreeja [Guided by]
2015Repairpred a prediction server for proteins of human DNA repair systemSharma, Asuda; Gautam, Aditi; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2021Computational Studies to Investigate DNA Repair Mechanism and Mutations Involved in Lung CancerMishra, Aagam; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2021Database on Epigenetics of Alzheimer's DiseaseSharma, Anjali; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2021Development of Artificial Intelligence Based Application for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's DiseaseKapoor, Muskan; Kapoor, Mehak; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2015Reverse Engineering of Gene Regulatory Networks for Quorum Sensing in the Food Borne PathogenArora, Himanshi; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]
2021Identification of Potential Inhibitors Against N- Protein of Covid-19 and Its Curation in the form of DatabaseSharma, Garima; Sharma, Purvanshi; Singh, Tiratha Raj [Guided by]