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Title: Voice Operated Home Appliances
Authors: Singh, Sandeep
Aggarwal, Harshit
Gupta, Raman
Hastir, Vikas [Guided by]
Keywords: Voice
Home appliances
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Jaypee University of Information Technology, Solan, H.P.
Abstract: We design a Voice operated home appliances system which allows people control their home devices by voice command at home. This is a wireless, voice control system. People could control almost all the electronics equipment at home including lights, fans or even back ground music. In this project we have implemented light and fan control. Except for basic turning on and off of equipment at home, we also realize the function of fixed-time control, and error detection when some device is broken. The system is quick enough for respond all the commands. Mainly the system consists of two modules i.e. voice recognition module and other is voice processing module. For voice recognition and training we used EasyVR shield. It will store the commands and perform comparison between stored command and given command. After comparison, voice recognition module sends data to voice processing module which includes AT89S52 microcontroller. Now this microcontroller will send instruction to various appliances (such as light, fan etc.) according to command given to voice recognition module. Such system can help the elderly and disabled with assisted living, patient monitoring and emergency response. It can be easily installed in existing home without adding any additional wires/switches.
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