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Title: Advances in Computing and Data Sciences
Authors: Singh, Mayank
Gupta, P. K.
Keywords: Data sciences
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Springer
Abstract: Developing software is a critical process, in which well structured guidelines are required. A development approach followed to develop software plays a vital role in terms of quality and reliability of final Software product. There are various development methodologies starting from traditional development models like waterfall model to agile development methodologies. Though traditional methods are structured in nature and are stable, but they are less flexible and adaptable. They involve heavy weight development methods with complex designs and heavy documentation. So software engineers felt a requirement of methodologies which are more flexible. From past two decades, new methodologies have been introduced, which are flexible and easily adaptable [4–6, 19–21, 33]. Agile methodologies are among them. They basically involve methods, which are able to maintain the software quality, simpler designs along with continuous customer interaction [1]. These methodologies have short-short development cycles, which make it more flexible. If any change is required, it can be easily implemented. These methods are mainly used, where the requirements are not fixed or not clear. At regular intervals, there is interaction between all stakeholders.
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