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Title: Let’s Protect Our Earth: Environmental Challenges and Implications
Authors: Kumar, Ashok
Sharma, Sharma
Mulla, Sikandar I.
Kamyab, Hesam
Pant, Deepak
Sharma, Swati
Keywords: Soil health
Industrialization Pollutants
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Springer Nature Singapore
Abstract: Microbial enzymes play a vital role to maintain the soil health and removal of pollutants from the contaminated land. Soil microflora is closely associated to maintain the fertility of the soil. Use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers and other volatile sprays in the agricultural practices threatening the healthy microbial population in the soil. Every single particle of healthy soil is loaded with millions of bacteria which interact with the nutrients available in the surrounding and sustain the nutrient cycle, and this microflora is an essential component of life on earth. The rapid increase in the industrialization and urbanization polluted the water and air heavily which affected the microbial populations and their existence too. Some microbes have been evolved to breakdown the complex toxic pollutants entering the soil into non-harmful components and helping to maintain the soil fertility. Thus, it is urgently needed to identify these microorganisms and enzymes which are involved in restoring the remediation of toxic substances and restoration of microflora required for a normal
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